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Updated January 2017 (key and barrel supplier) - all new additions are now the last ones in the table with the date on.
Choke cable probems.
Austin Champs in military photos Weapons on an Austin Champ Decorating your Austin Champ and painting your nuts Electronic ignition, Frank Jolley Engineering (bottom of Contacts page)
NATO pintle hook warning Towing with an Austin Champ Removing an engine\gearbox with a cradle Link to British Pathe news film, 'Terriers Marathon', London 1964.
Off Roader & 4x4 magazine article Royal Military Police Champs Dry cleaning Odd titbits of motoring and military
Restoration photos, well worth a look Austin Champ immersion test photos Accident damaged Champ 1984 Antifreeze markings
The fuel gauge system 4873 being converted to a fire engine 17\5\13.Oils, brake fluid, plugs, points, condenser 18\5\13. Temporary export of an Austin Champ
14\6\13. Anyone know what this tool is for? Weapons on an Austin Champ, 26 July 2013 Agreed Value insurance on trailers, 9 September 2013 Film, Sitting Target, 10 September 2013
31 October 2013, NOS chassis Heartbeat, Happy Breed, 15 Nov. 2013 Establishing date of manufacure, 17 January 2014 Sunken mv's off Eygyt (1941)
3 March 2014, repairing carburettor CES, Tote list Champ trailers Tyre valves, 12/7/15
Champ 'railway' engine, 6/8/15 Replacing plug leads (updated), 20/8/15 Champ for sale, 24/8/15 Road tax on a Champ
Electrical isolator, 2\11\2015 Stop lights, indicators, 5\11\2015. Update 4\12\15 LED lights, 6\11\2015 added tool for suspension bushes
Complete Equipment Schedule additions, 4 Feb. 2016 Heritage Certificates for mots Oils: semi fluid grease keys and barrels