Austin Champ Special Tools

Updated 25\01\2016 - suspension bush tool.

Tool, Part No. B 306 681, GR ET USED ON A 305 043
Anyone know what this tool is for?
Churchill Tool

Churchill GT160 /1 Tool
Andy Jackson has kindly let me know what this tool is, it is a double-ended peg spanner. One end fits the hub nut(s), the other end fits the bevel pinion nuts. The army VAOS part No. is FV207169 - the FV number ties-in with the remains of the number painted in white paint on the tool.
That this tool fits the two nuts to the wheel hub bearing and the pinion nuts to the drive pinion on the crown wheel and pinion seemed to me very different areas of work for one tool?
I put this to Andy, he says, "The title (to the Churchill drawing of the tool) is 'Hub and bevel pinion nut spanner'. I assume that the pegs engage with the slots in the latter pattern castle type nut that replaced the original plain nut and toothed washer arrangement for securing the pinion.
However, why go to all that trouble when a box or socket spanner will do the job is a puzzle.
Originally, the tool was single ended just for the hub nut. It was amended on 2/4/53 as: 'Redesigned to include pinion nut spanner' on the other end to make it a dual-purpose tool and that's why GT160 became GT160/1.
Interestingly, the drawing carries the legend: '5cwt (4 x 4) Jeep.'"
Churchill Tool Churchill Tool

(below). This tool is for undoing the screwed brass bush (shown on the left in first photo, bush part no. FV207230) on the suspension, the tool was made recently and is very, very useful - there are a total of 16 of these bushes on the Champ with a lot of thread each and if a thread/s are stiff they are a nightmare. On many Austin Champs these bushes are damaged on the edges where a pipe wrench has been used.
I think there was an Austin tool to do this job, EMER D574 (Part 2), page 37 refers, '(d) LB9/BLC FV 207172', "Wishbone (screwed) bush spanner adapter" but there is no photo in the manual (or that I can find).
The tool below would some machinery to make it, but the photo after shows a tool that could be made in your workshop. Thanks to Alan Snashall.

Austin Champ special tool 1 Austin Champ special tool 2

Austin Champ special tool 3

(below). This tool is for pressing in the large oil seal in the 'cover, oil seal' on the tracta joints. It was made for me by Andy Williams. (below this wooden tool is another one made in metal.)
Austin Champ special tool 2
Nick Wolsey had made a tool for the same job in metal with the addition of a ridge on the underside to hold the seal.
Austin Champ special tool 3 Austin Champ special tool 3