Austin Champ Odds and Ends

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From The Times newspaper

Sam Winer yard, 1
The photos below are of Sam Winers' yard in Akron, Ohio, USA, in 2012 when he was clearing the last of his Austin Champs. Sam Winer, Phone: 330-628-4881: Fax: 330-628-0948,
Sam Winer yard, 1 Sam Winer yard, 1

A nice picture of the Nuffield Gutty designed by a team including Sir Alec Issigonis. The Gutty is the first step toward the Austin Champ - the second step was the Wolseley Mudlark. The Gutty had torsion bar suspension and a flat-four engine.
Nuffield Gutty

The photo is part of an eBay lot of Austin Champ photos. The photo were taken at the Military Design Establishment, Melbourne, Australia in the 1950's. The Champ has a vertical tube on the nearside and I didn't know what the tube was for?
This puzzle was, on my part, 'a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing' but Guy in Hampshire, U.K., also had the same knowledge but got the answer. The 'knowledge' is that an Austin Champ can be driven under water and the only additional equipment needed is a snorkel. This tube, as Guy says, is likely to be an extension of the exhaust pipe, a sort of, a 'belt and braces' approach by the owner. When fording a Champ no extension is necessary to the exhaust.

Austin Champ MDE, Melbourne, Australia

MJE 555H. This Champ and three others were used on Britain's hovertrain project - the project was eventually cancelled. To see the Champs and extensive notes about the project Hovertrain project
Austin Champ Hovertrain