Austin Champ SEH 754F

On eBay October 2013, Reserve not met £2,500, 281186679972
Seller's description, "A lot of the resoration work has been done so I'd say it was 80% restored, just needs some tidying up and some parts putting back to original spec.
Since I bought it I have changed the two speed Generator as it was not charging at high revs, and I have taken off the windscreen wipers as they were not working.
The inner windscreen has rusted corners where they all go, and the Fuel line goes direct from the Tank to the lift pump as somebody has taken out the fuel filter. It did not have a hood or seat covers, and the lights need a bit of rewiring as some of them work and some don't, but this is easy as the wiring is very accessable. The Shovel and Pick are not genuine, but look ok.
Mechanically it is sound, the engine runs, all the gears work, and the 4 wheel drive is sound. I have driven it down the road and it was all great, accelerating and ticking over through all gears fine.
I was intending to restore it myself and have purchased many of the parts it requires, including the new roof, second hand fuel filter and pipework, inner windscreen, windscreen wipers, and other stuff. I also Have a set of 5 really good tyres with almost 100% tread and steel studs for icey conditions which can be removed and replaced. All these parts can all be purchased with the vehicle if the winning bidder negotiates a price that includes them, otherwise I will sell seperately as they cost a lot of money."
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