Austin Champ Austin Champ, JFW 553E, Andy Ballisat

Austin Champ, JFW 553E Austin Champ, JFW 553E (?)
There could be some doubt as to whether the first letter of the registration, J, is correct.
Austin Champ Austin Champ, JFW 553E photo 1

Austin Champ Austin Champ, JFW 553E photo 2
The photos were taken by Andy Ballisat in 1984 when Andy was an ambulance man, more on Andy further on.

Andy writes, "I was on duty at Bishops Stortford as an ambulance man and received a call to an R.T.A. (Road Traffic Accident) on the A1184 in Sawbridgeworth, Herts. We found on our arrival at scene a sad looking Champ plus its driver, with just a fracture to his collar bone I believe.
His Champ had overturned, he explained, after braking suddenly and hard to avoid a collision with an animal. On route to casualty he expressed that this can happen in the Champ and gave me the impression it was a common factor to be prepared for. This statement was ridiculed by my driver as he'd served in the Army with Champs during his National Service stint.
On my way home that afternoon I happened to pass the Champ anchored to the crane of a Land Rover recovery truck outside its garage so I managed a few photos.

I started taking photos in 1980 with a Canon 35 mm as a hobby as I find all vehicles, especially commercials, very interesting and would frequent various rallies up and down the country, plus I have many contemporary shots of the time on my journeys.
20 plus years on I've taken well over 170,000 numerous transparencies which I now enjoy displaying at slide shows for various clubs and societies.

Editor, even under very hard braking a Champ will not overturn as this driver says, the Champ is no different to any other vehicle, old or new.