Austin Champ, ex-military vehicle, GSJ 101

GSJ 101. On eBay September 2015. Seller's description:
"Austin Champ 1954 recent new hood, seat covers and a respray which could be improved upon, however not having the facilities to do it properly it could do with a few extra coats (I have the correct colour paint)
It has a 2.8 Austin engine which runs quietly no funny noises.
It has all the duck boards in the vehicle, original windscreen wipers that work off a vacuum from the engine, the hood is new as are the seat covers professionally stiched and fitted there is a Bren Gun Mount on the front nearside wing which I had designed.
I have several comprehensive books on the vehicle
The vehicle does not require MOT or road tax, and costs me 63 a year on classic insurance as you can see from the photos it has a spare wheel and jerrycan at the rear, a shovel on the offside (I do have a pickaxe helve to fit on the passenger side)
It drips a bit of oil here and there, but nothing major.
I have been out in it a few times this year to shows and exhibitions locally, but now fancy a change I have just bought a Land Rover Lightweight, so could do with the room in the garage OK it's not as good as the 25k nut and bolt rebuild on ebay but better than some of the "restoration projects"
No timewasters or tyre kickers please if you are going to make an offer make it somewhere near the asking price not half of what I am asking like some timewaster recently offered and then got upset because I rejected his insulting offer.
In an effort to generate some interest I have reduced the price by 250, but am still open to reasonable offers around £6,000."
Further history of GSJ 101 is below the next photo - someone has done a lot of work!
Austin Champ GSJ 101

GSJ 101, on eBay late 2010, sold for £1,170. Seller's description,
"Was a runner but has been stood a while, everything there but a little rusty!"
Austin Champ GSJ 101

Austin Champ GSJ 101