Austin Champ GCK 863F

UPDATE: GCK 863F. On ebay, September 2015, starting bid £2,000, no bids. Seller's description,
"Austin champ bought as a project but I have decided not to do it.
It allegedly runs but I haven't heard it. It will need a lot of welding and fabrication but it looks all there. This is the link from the chap I bought it from.
GCK 863F. On ebay, January 2015, item no. 281527005270, seller's description, "Austin Champ Barnfind Military Jeep, Rolls Royce Engine, Restoration project." No price, had six offers.
Update: July 2015, eBay, 281736143091, classified £4,000, SELLER'S DESCRIPTION!,
Austin Champ
It says its a RESTORATION project!!! that means at the very least it is going to be in need of RESTORATION... which in my mind will involve welding, mechanical work and electrical reinstallation. that out of the way let me give you some advice, if you are bringing your mate to tell you what he thinks! then make sure he isn't jealous of you buying toys and he is happy with you having a more interesting life than him sitting at home with his nagging wife just watching East Enders or Hollyoaks.
Secondly make sure if you're asking for his advice on the work, that he has actually restored a vehicle at some time in his life and not just built Airfix models or got every edition of practical classics.
Thirdly its advertised as having issues so don't start saying it needs this or it needs that because I have already factored that into the value.
don't barter and offer a price then not stand on, just don't bother wasting our time.
I have had the engine running and she sounds lovely.
of around 11,000 built there cant be many left so it is quite a rare vehicle.
all you divs who offered £500 grow up, you really cant afford it so why offer what you cant pay. your mrs will slap you daft spending her beer money so sit back in the corner on your Mock Parker Knoll with your Capodimonte replicas with your mock tudor houses and keep watching Mike Brewer ...."
Austin Champ GCK 863F

Austin Champ GCK 863F