Austin Champ 8647

8647, 86 BE 47. Ebay April 2012. Seller's description:
"Here we have a champ WN- 8647 Manufactured 1955. Original Engine 60378. Date into service 11th Feb 1955, Stuck Off Census. WD Storage Depot , Bowhouse, Hurlford by Kilmarnock in Ayrshire on Nov 3 1965. Served with Ex .540 Light Anti-Aircraft Royal Artillery Regt [The Lovats Scouts] [TA]-51 [Hightland] Division [ TA]. Sold Off 28th Bowhouse WD Sale on 11 March 1966 Lot 601. This Veh. has never been Registered with DVLA so there will not be aV 5 until you register veh. with DVLA. This Veh is a sound one. No weldding required. This veh has a misfire, all normal jobs done, compression test reads 130psi for 3 cylinders 140 psi for the other,i would say its the valves? Many new parts fitted wheel cylinders F/Rear master cylinder 3 new tyres 2 used Fliex brake pipes."
Ended 17 April 2012, sold for £1,650* *(but see after following notes), 130679037486
Notes: the number stated, WN- 8647', should read, 'WN1 8647' - the WN1 designates the standard military model of the Austin Champ; misfire, with these compression readings I would not have thought they would cause a misfire, I would do checks of: spark plugs, contact breakers (points), condenser (always replace the condenser if its history is not known), plug leads, connections to the coil etc., carburettor, etc. A roll cage is fitted.

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