Austin Champ, 8132, FVW 78H

8132, FVW 78H
On eBay January 2016 (and some previous history later this page). Seller's description, "Austin champ completely dismantled body blasted and primed,sills welded wings all removed and refitted, rear axle rebuilt using unworn front axle diff with new diff bearings ,as seen in photo not the usual black oily condition, both props rebuilt with new u/j s and balanced new engine , I bought this without dist, starter coil , filter and carb, new carb and used dist coil etc dynamo dismantled and cleaned control box dismantled and returned to factory settings now working . All new brakes new pipework , wheel cylinders and master cylinder shoes relined, ignition panel rebuilt using a replacement base board , one new battery and one good one starts instantly and runs well, new wiper motors ,arms and blades , new inner screen and glass, new rubber to screen and top scuttle also new gearstick rubber new front seat covers, no rear seat fitted,New exhaust, latest heavy gauge box, new speedo cable, new hood and good matching sidescreens /doors screens require fitting and eyelets fitting into hood , they are on the champ to keep the rain out but I have always driven without the screens fitted as they do restrict visibility.. minor electrical work still required to finish sidelight, brakelight feul gauge and headlight wiring and rubbers to hold instrument panel, unexpected and immediate house move means this vehicle has to go." Starting price, £5,000, eBay no. 301854668335

Austin Champ 8132

Previously advertised in CHAMP NEWS in October 2003. There were two advertised together for £1,300 - both needing extensive work.
Austin Champ 8132