Austin Champ 76 BE 39, 7639

76 BE 39, 7639
On eBay as a classified advert, June 2015: "Rare barn find in need of restoration does not run. You are bidding on a austin champ vintage military jeep with water proof rolls royce engine ( water proof at time of manufacture maybe not now ) please remember this is from the 50's stored under cover it .If you dont know much about the jeep the can go as fast in reverse as they can forward and could carry 1/4 ton at 50 mph over a field very impressive vehicle at time of manufacture and probably too advanced for the time.This is great fun to drive and can only go up in value so great investment for the future and fun at the same time not to be the origional pick and shovel and jerry can.Well worth viewing tel 07715475583 5500"
Notes: spare wheel is the wrong way around, NATO rear lights.
Austin Champ 7639, 1

Austin Champ 7639, 2 Austin Champ 7639, 3