Austin Champ 6448, 64 BE 48

6448, 64 BE 48. On eBay, 29 August 2012. Seller's description, ""Austin Champ for Spares or Serious Restoration. This Champ has been used as a donor for another couple of rebuilds and is just a collection of parts really, unless you are very brave. You get whats in the picture plus a bonnet.
The chassis is in good condition but as you can tell the floor has gone and so have a few parts. There is NO engine or gearbox with this Champ. The scuttle panel has gone onto another vehicle and many front suspension parts have been taken too. I have no idea about the condition of the rear axle etc.
I also have a more complete Champ is anyone is interested? Champ 0198, 01 BE 98."
6448 sold for £102.00 eBay no. 130754718735

Austin Champ 6448