Austin Champ 6301, 63 BE 01

6301, 63 BE 01, on ebay November 2014, item no. 141483591655. The price was £10,000 and the ebay item was withdrawn and marked, 'Now sold elsewhere'. Description, "Our 1960's Austin Champ Registration Number DHF 307E. Original Military Vehicle Registration number 975 LGU. Rolls Royce Chassis Number 63BE01. Royal Army Ordanance Corps. We have had the jeep on display at our Garden Centre for the last two years. As you can see the vehicle is in concourse condition. In 2013 we had a new bespoke canvas canopy fitted and 4 x New Woodrich tyres."
Sold under DHF 307E on ebay, see listing this site under 'Known'
The seller says, "Original military vehicle Registration number 975 LGU." 975 LGU is a civilian number, the military no. would have been 63 BE 01. Also, 975 LGU was on a Wolseley Mudlark in July 2000? - see listing on this site under 'Known'.
The white ends of the front bumper signify a Royal Military Police vehicle, so RAOC?
Austin Champ 6301