Austin Champ, 3911, 39 BE 11, 351 CMO

Austin Champ 3911, 39 BE 11, 351 CMO On ebay September 2015, 141733893427, sold for £2.210. Seller's description:
"Here we have a very reluctant sale of our Austin Champ. My husband rescued her from someone's front garden with the intention of garaging her and lovingly restoring her over time ready for our little girls Prom. The little girl is now 11 and sadly an imminent house move has necessitated her sale. We will have nowhere for her to be worked on at our new abode and feel that it is now time to let her go. She is also now having to live outside, as the garage has been taken over by the furniture from the house!
Now the technical bit: She (due to the curves!) is in need of a complete restoration, as can be seen from the photographs. However she is all original under the various shades of rust. She does not run as there are no batteries.... The battery storage area is now a hole in the floor! We do know that she has been heard to run in the past, but sadly not in our time. We would love her to go to someone who will restore her, although we appreciate that breaking her for parts will make a lot more money. Something we simply do not have the time, or heart, to do!
We do have the V5 and a letter from the Austin Champ Register: Manufactured in 1953 Date in to army service 17th September 1953 Army Registration 39 BE 11 Struck off army census 17th April 1962 Sold off by WD 17th July 1962 Civilian reg 351 CMO was Berkshire County Council 23rd January 1963."
Notes on eBay page, engine does turn over by hand.
Austin Champ 3911, 39 BE 11, 351 CMO

Austin Champ 3911, 39 BE 11, 351 CMO