Austin Champ 2816

2816, 28 BE 16. Simon kindly confirmed that 2816 is correct. On eBay, March 2012. Seller's description, "Her engine is free and her axles roll, all electrics are here as we've been playing about trying to start her, and found most wiring is live, but the starter is stuck. We are fully intending to keep her and completely re building her if she does not make a fair price. The body work is the main issue. Gear box is all free and clutch still works, all gears slip in and out no problems in forward and reverse, plus four wheel drive free."
Ended 17 March 2012, eBay 200724964242, not sold £0.01, no bids. Relisted, 200736066205, ended 8 April 2012, sold for £700.00

The original engine number was 50711, now fitted with eng. no. 2976. Eng. no. 2976 was originally fitted into chassis number 2241 at the factory, so it seems possible that Champ 2241 has been scraped.

Austin Champ 2816 photo 1

Austin Champ 2816 photo 2

Non-standard wiper motor.

Austin Champ 2816 photo 3

Chassis plates.
Austin Champ 2816 photo 4