Austin Champ 11023, 10 BF 23

From CN June 2000. 10 BF 23. John's notes, "Manufactured November 1955 and despatched the following month from Austin to War Office Vehicle Depot at Feltham in Middlesex, receipt voucher No.FTM/R/5719/182. Registered as "10 BF 23" on 20 December 1955 by War Office, last Champ registered in 1955.
Became the transport of Colonel Richard Keith-James, commanding officer of the 4th Royal Horse Artillery Regiment, 7th Armoured Division in Germany until 1958. The vehicle is marked as such. During 1958 the 4th RHA and 2nd RHA became part of the 4th Infantry Division, still in Germany. They were the 2nd Field Regiment Royal Artillery of the division.
During 1962, the 4th RHA became plain RA and one of it's battery was sent to the new 7th RHA [Airborne] in the UK. "10 BF 23" returned to the UK and was assigned to 289th Parachute Light Regiment RHA Territorial Army of the 44th Independent Parachute Brigade.
Struck off Army service census on 5th December 1966 at Branston in Staffordshire and put up for sale on 10th May 1967 as Lot 600, not sold. For sale again on 14th September 1967 at Branston and sold to a Mr Adams as lot No. 1294 for £52. Civilian registered in late 1967, number lost. Derelict in Bristol, [1968], sold for £30 to a boy aged 8. Purchased by me from "boy" on 31st May 1972 for £55. Registered as 'NDD 470M' on 1st August 1973."

Austin Champ 11023 1