Austin Champ 10101, 01 BF 01

10101, 01 BF 01. On eBay late 2015, eBay no. 262137766724, sold for £4,287.
Seller's description,
"The history of the vehicle currently for sale is as follows; Manufactured at the Austin Motor Car Factory in Crofton Hackett, Worcester it was delivered to the Army on the 6th of September 1955. Little is know of its military service but it was sold at public auction at the Army Disposal Depot Ruddington in Nottinghamshire on the 14th of November 1966.
The vehicle was registered in Norfolk on the 8th of December 1967. The vehicle was last taxed for use on the road in 1977 after which the vehicle seems to have disappeared.The vehicle surfaced in 2006 at the Beltring where it was sold as a barn find and bought by a local Austin Champ enthusiast. I purchase the vehicle from him in 2011.
The vehicle has been dry stored for most of its 60 years with the chassis, floors and panels in excellent condition. Extensive restoration has taken including a completed brake overall. New master cylinder, wheel cylinders and shoes. A complete new exhust system has been fitted along with a new distributor.All engine/gearbox/axle and wheel hub oils have been replaced along with all filters. The engine, gearbox and transmission run smoothly. All joints and bearings are sound with no oil leaks.

The vehicle by virtue of it age is now both MOT and Road Tax exempt. Comprehensive classic car insurance is 100 a year.
For this vehicle to return to the road the follow jobs are outstanding
1. New windscreen wiper motors to be fitted I Included in the sale )
2. Indicators to be fitted ( All parts less an indicator switch are included in the sale )
The rear tyres are of a non military pattern. All other tyres are in good condition. ( 2 new military pattern tyres are included in this sale)"
Editor's note, the front left tyre looks like a Goodyear XTra Grip Hi-Miler, if it is then it is the wrong way around.

Austin Champ 10101, Austin Champ 1

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