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0428, 04 BE 28, 789 YUA. On eBay, January 2013. Seller's description, "original army number 04BE28, now registered 789 YUA in November 2010 by myself. it did not have any registration when we bought it, and have not found any history, a lot of red paint in areas, perhaps used as fire engine, not firefly, we have owned the vehicle since 2004, and have completely stripped down, blasted clean, primed and painted bronze green all parts. new floors from Malcolm Scott, other panels obtained or made by myself. new wiring harness made by myself, but used all original connectors, also wired in indicaters and stop lights into new loom hood and seat covers from Worthings in Nov 2010.
MOT'd on 28 November 2012, mileage 27618 ( did not need MOT, but you can have one if you request the garage), just for safety sake, expires 27 Nov 2013.
I am selling as I have had health problem, having a problem lifting my leg high enough to get in, ( I am not 18 now as I was when I first drove Champs etc in the TA) and I have bought a motorhome.
A few things missing, fuel tank guard, some rifle clips, pickaxe handle and brackets, old vehicles always need the next part!! it seems somtimes to mdrop out of 3rd gear on overrun, but I am sure it is getting better with use, or I am getting used to it."
On eBay 6 January 2013, 121045212481, highest bib £4,800, reserve not met £6,300

0428, 04 BE 28, 789 YUA. On eBay, March 2012. Seller's description, "1952. Fully reconditioned. 67 miles only since MOT. New floors and some body panels, new rear wiring loom, I used old loom as pattern, used all connections and included circuits for indicators and brake lights. Starts on the button, with no choke. All parts new or reconditioned, (not engine) all parts, except engine, have been cleaned back to bare metal, primed and painted. Stripped down to last nut and bolt, so ground up restoration. New duckboards made a fortnight ago, using originals as pattern. All new brake pipes and cylinders. New hood from Worthings. 12 months MOT. All items working, except for engine temp gauge.
I purchased the vehicle in 2004, from the Wirral, its first MOT was Nov 2010, when it was also registered for the road. As far as I know, it had never been registered for the road before that."
Ended 29 March 2012, eBay 120882539161, £4,909.87 (Reserve Not Met).

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Ed: seats below: the seat material looks similar to the original pattern leatherette - 'Antique' - but the covers below are not actually originals, on the original design the top of the seat back narrowed in the middle. The Antique material is not available today, it was also used on WW2 Utility furniture so if you were lucky enough to find a Utility sofa you have Antique pattern vinyl but, Utility furniture is now collectable in its own right.

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