Austin Champ ex-military vehicle, 0198, 01 BE 98

01 BE 98, 810 UYG. Selller's description,
"I'm Having to sell this Austin Champ that i had every intention to fully refurbish and to enjoy her to it's full potential. Due to having to move (due to greedy landlord putting the rent up) she has to go.
Work completed includes;
Completed rear winch/floor.
Rear axle and running gear overhauled, including new oil seal and boots/gaiters.
Fuel tank welded/ sealed and pressure tested (Good as new)
new fuel lines.
Floor pans re made.
New rear brake cylinders.
Decent wheels and tyres. Excellent tread, albeit tyres have cracking across the rims.
New hand stitched seat and foams, not original material but better, stretches more and resists chaffing.
Completely rewired. Front and rear.
New generator/belts.
Brand new hood.
Full set of rear trumpet lights.
Brand new clutch lining/ thrust bearing.
Basically every part had been stripped out, shot blasted, re-painted and replaced if needed. Everything is there to complete her, she needs finishing off.
There is one issue as she will not spark and fire up! The carb has been replaced along with a brand new old stock distributor, dizzt cap, rotor arm, points. Replaced HT leads and condenser.
She was running, however just stopped. Could be something simple but just do not have the time anymore.
Everything there to complete and she will need to be painted to finish off.
She will need to ttailored away, She currently does not run."
Starting bid £3,500, no bids.
Austin Champ 0198, 810 UYG