Austin Champ 0034, 00 BE 34

0034, 00 BE 34. Thanks to Micky Warner for the photo and information.
Mickey says, "I passed my driving test in a champ in 1963 at Junior Leaders Battalion RASC at Taunton Somerset. That's not me in the picture!
The champ used to go like a rocket but it did have a couple of issues: No heater, no brake lights, no indicators and the headlights were like two candles. Well, I remember the windscreen freezing up on the inside in winter and having to wear greatcoat when driving.' Good old days' ?
Ed's notes. This is a very early Champ, number 34 off the production line. The bridge plate has '4' (more usual is a '3'); the tyres look to be a different pattern front and rear; the bumper has white-painted tips (normally on RMP (Royal Military Police); no snorkel so this could be a later time in service when snorkels had been removed - Mickey does quote his time as '1963' so that would be consistent.
Austin Champ, Austin Champ 0034, 03 BE 34