Odd Motoring and Military History Titbits

Cargo ship, sunk in 1941
Andrey Nekrasov recently took these photos off the Egyptian coast of the SS Thistlegorm, which was sunk by German bombers in October 1941.
I am sure those bikes and the Bedford could be got going again!
Cargo ship, sunk in 1941

RAF control tower coversion

A great picture of the last flying Vulcan bomber, or is it? No, it's a 20' wingspan model. It was built by Dave Johnson.
The Avro Vulcan was in RAF service between 1956 and 1984 and carried nuclear weapons.
The last flying Vulcan is at RAF Finningley having its winter service. The considerable cost of keeping this aeroplane fying is by donation. To learn more (and hopefully donate) go to Vulcan Restoration Trust
Vulcan model 1 Vulcan model 2

World War 1 tank mask

Corporal Jones van, 2012

Road around a house in China