Austin Champs in the Film, Snake's Eye


This was a film of the Army Exercise, Snake's Eye, made in Malta 1958-1959 by Rayant Films. It is probably the best film to see the Austin Champ in action coming off the landing barges into the sea and up the beach and many other pieces of military hardware of the time, from aircraft, to ships, to military vehicles.
The film follows the exercise from on the aircraft carrier and ships to the beach and subsequent attacks.
The film would be of interest to those interested in ships, aircraft, both helicopters and others of the period - the Sea Venons attack two 'enemy' aircraft on the ground, Gloster Meteors, and destroy them - and military history.

Key words: Lt. Cdr. "Knocker" Knight, a veteran of 848 NAS in Malaya; HMS Falcon; Sikorsky S55 Whirlwind HAS MK22; Amphibious Warfare Squadron; aircraft carrier HMS Centaur; Dragonfly helicopter; Captain Hiram Wynne-Potts; Gozo; HMS Meon; HMS Bastion L4040 (believed to be); parachutists dropping from RAF Beverley; Sea Venom, of 891 Squadron; Fairly Gannet 810 Squadron; Sea Hawks of 801 Squadron; Lt. Cdr. Tobey; HMS Theseus; Meteor; Ta'Kali; Lt. Cdr. Charlie Chaplin; HMS Striker; Col. Norman Tailyour; HMS Bermuda (believed to be); HMS Regio; HMS Striker; Bedford 3 tonner; Humber 1 Ton; LST Striker; St. Andrews Barracks; Eastney.
For infantry men: some soldiers carry No. 4 rifles and some carry SLRs.

The following are clips from the exercise.

(below) 54 BE 59, 5429

film, Snake's Eye

(below) 74 BE 92, 7492

film, Snake's Eye

film, Snake's Eye

(below) Humber 1 Ton, 09 BK 40

Humber 1 Ton, 09 BK 40