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You will often meet people at shows who used Austin Champs in the army and they will sometimes say, 'They never had that or, they never put that kit on in the army.' Most servicemen's experience was with one unit and other units may have done things differently. If the question was asked, 'Were Champs ever fitted with white-wall tyres?', the answer is, 'Yes', there is an in-service picture of a Champ with white-wall tyres, probably the CO's Champ!

Another matter with kit, as an example, First Aid Boxes (FAB's): it is most likely that when the army put FAB's into the Champ the FAB's would be the same type with the same lettering but, even then, the army may have had different eras\models of FAB's in their stores. After the Champ went into service, and a FAB was used up or lost*, army stores would issue whatever they had in stock.
* In the army it was very wise to mark every single item, that could go missing, with the vehicle's registration number, often seen on pickaxes, spades, batteries, etc. - the FAB could be marked on its base and also, lift out the contents and mark the inside base of the box - it even might be worth doing that today the way things go missing at shows!

An example of 'new' army issue kit: I was in the TA in the 1970's and issued with a 'new' trouser belt dated 1934, my Shell Dressing pack, attached to front webbing, was 1944. So would it be wrong to have a FAB dated 1945, or dated a few years before the Champ went into service?, not necessarily. Originality; of course, it would be wrong to have one dated into the 1970's as most Champs had been sold off by then

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