Anyone know?

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Photo sent in by Brian Baxter of the Museum of Technology (REME). Brian says, 'Rail conversions had been done to Jeeps and Land Rovers so I suppose this was inevitable. I have no details of where and when but the background coach may be a GWR (Great Western Railway) or later British Rail. This is presumably one of the preserved railways somehwhere.
I am still on the look out for any Champ fire engine material.'
Editor: the part of the civilian registration is, '338C', which is 1965, anyone know more about Champ and railway?
Austin Champ railway engine

This picture was in Windscreen magazine of the MVT June 2015.
The caption reads, "Re-bodied for towing aircraft this Champ looked quite eye-catching. It would be interesting if it could be restored in this configuration."
It belongs to Dave Atkins in Oxfordshire. Anyonw know more?
Austin Champ for towing aircraft.

Anyone know what this tool is used for? Part no. 'B 306 681, GR ET USED ON A 305 043'
Austin Champ Tool