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This site is dedicated to the Austin Champ, its history and keeping an Austin Champ on-the-road today
was originally a paper-based newsletter running from March 2000 to February 2012 and from now it will be web-based only. CN covers most aspects of the Austin Champ, and especially maintaining an Austin Champ on the road today with step-by-step technical articles and where to get spare parts. The site will contain pictures of Champs in military service and of Champs around today. Over the coming months material from the paper-based CN's will be added to this site together with new material on anything that affects Champ owners today.

If you have any stories of Austin Champs, either in military service or in civilian life, and especially with photographs, please send them in.

The technical articles: if you can see a better way of doing anything or if you have done work on your Champ I would be very interested to hear from you.

Spares: if you know of a good supplier of spares or anyone who does good work on Champs please let me know.

Copyright: articles and photographs are the copyright of this site or of those who have supplied any material.

Valueing a Champ: search on this page for the word, ' sold ' (use F3 key)

Please note: this site has no connection with the Austin Champ Owners Club (ACOC). I was asked to give CN to the ACOC when the Northern Champ Group changed its name to the ACOC but I would not because the ACOC has:
- no Constitution
- no elections
- no accounts
- nowhere does it state in the 'club' magazine that the 'club' is incorporated. 'Incorporation' means to form a limited liability company. In this litigious age, if a club is not incorportated and, say, holds a road run or a show and there is an accident then the individual members could be held joint and severally liable, which, in effect, means the lawyers go for whichever individual member has the easiest money to get at, and that could be millions, it could be you if you are a member of the ACOC. Being incorportated also makes it easier to get insurance, is the 'club' insured?
   If any of the above is wrong please contact me. Update Dec. 2017: it seems that the ACOC now has insurance but it is up to prospective members to check.

(below) From Soldier Magazine caption competition January 2006 - originally printed in SM July 1958.